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First album of all original music except 2 tracks.
Simple guitar and vocals and featuring Joe Holland on keys on "Guilty" and "Littlewing"
Self Titled 1st CD
  1. Tell Me
  2. What She Is
  3. Daddy's Girl
  4. Little Wing*
  5. Dreamer
  6. Without Her
  7. Guilty*
  8. What We Feel
  9. Don't Let Fear
  10. Tranq 23

*Non Original Tracks (4) & (7)

All Tracks Can Heard On The Audio Page

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What Others Are Saying!!

DJ- Ray Pieters Milo Radio 103.1 FM-- Belgium Strong Lyrics

... An artist with just a clear sensitive voice, strong lyrics and beautiful and sober guitarpicking, no gimmicks at all, just human music. For my show I will, can select all your songs because they all are strong enough to be heard or played... DJ Ray Pieters~~ MILO Radio 103.1 FM-- Belgium
LEXZ Excellence!

You have total control over your vast talent ... strong songwriting, exquisite guitar playing, and powerful early Gordon Lightfoot singing. Go all-in and take the pot. You have the winning hand.
Heather Leona WOW!!

Your music is amazing!! I am already a fan!! I can't believe you are not signed!! You have emense talent!! 🙂
Eddie Russell- Dj- Outlaw For Peace Radio Poetic Gold

' The Stewart Coley CD is under the radar roots, where everyone leaves with a memory. Poetic gold ropes you in with lived in voice that lurks unseen as a misty spirit and a mesmerizing psychic voyage '.

Eddie Russell / Country Eastern / Outlaw For Peace Radio